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Transcriber.wiki : A marketplace for speech.


A marketplace for speech.
82,616 Hours of Speech
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We are a team of hard working hackers - passionate about the application of cutting edge technologies to promote "freedom of speech".

Mission Statement:

    ✓ "Index the world's spoken knowledge."

How does Transcriber™ "transcribe"?

    ✔  We rely on 100% open source technologies, like OpenAI's "Whisper", for transcription and other natural language processing (NLP).

Does Transcriber™ accept donations?

    ✘  We do not accept charitable contributions at this time.
    ✔  Please support us by using transcriber.wiki:
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    • Share A Transcriptions w/ your social network

Does Transcriber™ use "paypal"?

    ✔  Transcriber.wiki is a free speech platform.
    ✔  We have selected Premiuum Network Limited (UK) for payment services.