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We are a team of hard working hackers - passionate about the application of cutting edge technologies to promote "freedom of speech".

Very recent breakthroughs in "AI" are driving unprecedented transformation in media and publishing.

Historically, automated transcriptions were both inaccurate and costly.


Transcribe your content using leading-edge AI, and get paid!

Mission Statement:

    ✓ "Index the world's spoken knowledge."

1.NAV BAR     Quick Reference

This outlines each "NAV BAR"     items and services.

Member Profile   (FREE)
  • Manage personal identity.
  • Manage personal banking.
  • Manage crypto wallet.

Speech Marketplace   (FREE)

    Search Marketplace

    • Search Transcriptions (FREE)
    • Search Channels / Sources (FREE)
    • GPT Chat with your favorite Podcasters / Youtubers! (default: 0.02 € / chat)

    Add Podcasts Sources to the marketplace.

    Add Video Channels to the marketplace.

Following   (default: 0.99; defined by verified authority: 0.00 - 0.99)
  • FOLLOW a channel/source.
  • aka. Save per Source
  • 70% to publisher.
  • Enables focused searches of Followed (saved) Channels.
  • Quickly skim newest content from the Followed feed.
Likes   (FREE)
  • LIKE a transcription.
  • Enables focused searches of Liked (saved) transcriptions.
Bookmarks   (default: 0.10; defined by verified authority: 0.00 - 0.99)
  • BOOKMARK a paragraph.
  • 70% to publisher.
  • Enables focused searches of transcriptions that contain Bookmarked (saved) paragraphs .
Deep Links   (dynamic default: 0.00 - 0.09; defined by verified authority: 0.00 - 0.99)
  • DEEP LINK a word.
  • 70% to publisher.
  • Launches podcast/video, where autoplay begins "deep" within the speech (at the moment when the word is spoken).
Comments   (default: 0.02; defined by verified authority: 0.00 - 0.99)
  • COMMENT per transcription.
  • 70% to publisher.
GPT Groups   (0.99 to add a channel/source to a GPT Group; defined by verified authority: 0.00 - 0.99)
  • CHAT with groupings of channels/sources.
  • 70% to publisher(s).
  • Build complimentary, topic-focused GPT Groups from trusted, cutting-edge knowledge-bases (podcast and video channels).

Claims   (FREE)
  • Channels and sources that are managed (branding, pricing) by the verified authority member.
  • Members may not share authority (i.e., only one authorized member per channel/source).
  • Revenue is paid out to the designated authorized member.
  • Revenue may be paid-out via fiat (personal bank account of the authorized member), or via "cyrpto" (any coin traded @ Coinbase).
* is a privately owned work in progress: everything is subject to change w/o notice.

2. Terms of Service

By communicating with the services, you agree to our terms of service:

  • is building a marketplace for speech - at the service of humanity by indexing (and making public for keyword searching) the world's spoken knowledge.
  • is not a fact checker - neither an arbiter nor validator of truth, fact, fiction or other.
  • You are communicating with servers under your own free-Will.
  • You are capable of ending communications with servers at any time.
  • You are communicating with servers as a private individual - representing only your personal, individual self.
  • You are not communicating with as a representative of any government agency.
  • You are not communicating with as a representative of any government department.
  • You are not communicating with as a representative of any licensed or registered government entity.
  • transcriptions may not be used in a court of law as evidence.
  • You waive and forgo any / all rights to sue (for any reason) anyone associated (directly or indirectly) with managing the servers.
  • In the event of any monetary or technical dispute, you agree to a speedy dispute resolution process (determined by applicable circumstances) that is managed and completed by a representative of
  • Government and other corporate body or 3rd party representatives may communicate with by sending an email to:
  • Individuals may contact Team TTT, as follows:

3. My podcast (or video channel) is already indexed by - how do I claim ownership?

It is possible your podcast (or video channel) was added to by a fan.

Don't worry... you can still claim ownership (and collect any accumulated revenue).

Here's how...

4. What powers's transcription engine? relies on OpenAI for transcription processing.

5. Why ".wiki" ?

Our automated transcriptions are reasonably accurate, but we believe crowd-sourcing reviews and edits ("wiki"), from actual human beings, will always achieve even greater accuracy.

Expect wiki functionality -- and TTT points -- across all transcriptions by Q2 2024.

6. TTT points?

The current plan is to offer crypto-based TTT points in exchange for wiki edits.

Similar to bitcoin, we plan to limit issuance to 21 million.

But where bitcoin are born from a time and energy cost (the cost of automatedly mining a new coin), TTT points will be born from a time and labor cost (the cost of manually completing a job).

We believe the premise is sound (economically, micro and macro), and hope to inspire a new ecosystem of labor-based crypto currency.

Expect more details in due course - stretching for Q2 2024.

Contact us if you have other questions.